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Transforming Meaningful Use Into Meaningful Care


Support the delivery of high quality care and the continuous improvement of healthcare processes, using collaborative methods that leverage clinician and staff expertise and value the patient experience


  • Make the right thing easy.
    Provide tools and support to clinicians and staff to ensure our patients receive the right care at the right time, every time.
  • Do what you say you’ll do.
    Be reliable. Follow through on commitments. Finish what you start.
  • Work with people, not for people.
    Work with others in a way that is collaborative, respectful, and inclusive.
  • Be proactive.
    Identify potential problems. Consider unintended consequences. Seek opportunities for innovation.
  • Act with integrity.
    Communicate with honesty and transparency. Be conscientious and thoughtful in your actions. Always do your best.

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Robb Malone

Vice President, UNC Health Care, Practice Quality and Innovation. Associate Professor.


Responsibilites: My responsibility is to define what the future of quality care and care delivery should look like, align people to that vision, and inspire them to make it happen despite obstacles.

Contact: 919-843-3497 

Prior Work Experience: Director, UNC Health Care Ambulatory Care Quality and Innovation. Assistant Medical Director, General Internal Medicine Clinic. Director, UNC Center for Excellence in Chronic Illness Care. Coordinator, Diabetes Disease-State Management Service. Change Manager and Faculty, Patient Access and Efficiency Initiative (PAcE).

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: I believe we must strive to exceed achievement of meaningful use by meeting the intent of the program, not simply attesting to or passing the measures alone. If we do this, I believe we have taken the first step toward delivery of better care for patients, mending the fragmentation of our national health care system through systems that communicate with one another, and transforming care delivery by leveraging evidence-based and population-based medicine.

Which Team Value is most important to me: The Practice Quality & Innovation team value that is most important to me is ‘Act with integrity. Communicate with honesty and transparency. Be conscientious and thoughtful in your actions. Always do your best.’ Transparency through policy, data, and performance measures are key, but ineffective without clear vision, honest communication, and team effort. All are necessary to build the relationships necessary to drive improvement.

Ask me about: Population management and clinical quality improvement, chronic illness care, alternative approaches to care delivery or models of care, appointment access and workflow efficiency, application of the Model for Improvement in the clinical setting, developing improvement teams, pay for performance.

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Jonathan Thornhill

Manager, Practice Quality and Innovation


Responsibilities: Lead project coaches, MU incentive, expense, and penalty modeling, dashboard and supplementary reporting development, payer-based initiatives including PQRS and MIPPA E-prescribing incentive, and internal continuous improvement and analytics projects.

Contact: 919-966-8392 

Prior Work Experience: Project Manager for Electronic Medical Record vendor, P&A Data Analyst

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: Effective use of technology can help clinicians be more efficient and enables organizations to leverage analytics and reporting for quality improvement and population health management.

Which Team Value is most important to me: Make the right thing easy. Healthcare is necessarily complex. Processes and projects intended to improve healthcare shouldn’t make it even more complex.

Ask me about: Lean Six Sigma, Dashboards, Leading change

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Jennifer Lord

Meaningful Use Project Manager


Responsibilities: Project planning, timelines, tracking, communication (articles, presentations, web content, etc.); distilling regulatory information and making it accessible; guiding collaboration with ISD development, reporting, and training; tool and template design.

Contact: 919-966-8776 

Prior Work Experience: UNC Medical Home Project Manager, PAcE (Patient Access & Efficiency) Change Manager, Project Coordinator for the HCS Leadership Team. Prior to UNC, I created Participatient© programs to help patients and their families interact more effectively with healthcare providers, managed production crews for national health conferences and concerts, and ran my own editing/typesetting business.

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: I think the EHR is the most important resource we have in healthcare, but our current utilization doesn’t optimize, and may even defeat, the value of it. Getting there may be rough, especially in these early stages, but the stated objectives of MU are noble and needed: to improve quality, safety and efficiency, facilitate care coordination; engage patients and families in their health care; reduce health disparities; improve population and public health; and ensure privacy and security. I believe MU will help make these things happen. I’m all in.

Which Team Value is most important to me: ‘Act with integrity.’ I’ve always loved that word. It says so much. I think it should drive everything we do and the way in which we do it. The integrity I see across the PQI team is extraordinary. It’s an honor to work with a group of people who are each so inherently committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons, to the best of his or her ability.

Ask me about: Anything MU or PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home), quality improvement methods (IHI, Model for Improvement, Lean Six Sigma), patient access, clinic efficiency, tool development, data display, type design

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Maryanne Berry

Project Coach


Partnerned With: Anesthesiology, Medicine (Allergy, Diabetes/Endocrinology, GI, Hospitalists, Infectious Disease, Rheumatology), Ophthalmology, Pathology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Contact: 919-966-4881 

Prior Work Experience: Industrial Engineer, Project Manager, and Data Analyst with IBM Corporation in East Fishkill, NY and Research Triangle Park, NC

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: I feel Meaningful Use will contribute to meaningful care because if the data in the patient’s record is accurate, doctors will be able to make more informed decisions, thus improving the care for the patient.

Which Team Value is most important to me: “Make the right thing easy.” I feel this value is important because for a process to be repeatable, it must be both logical and easy in order to be implemented by our care providers.

Ask me about: Process improvement, project management, quality initiatives

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Summer Hogan

Project Coach


Partnerned With: CIDD, Heart & Vascular, Medicine (Nephrology, Pulmonary),OBGYN, Pediatrics, Surgery Transplant

Contact: 919-966-5989 

Prior Work Experience: Analytical Chemist/Quality Assurance Audit Lab Supervisor at Lorillard Tobacco Company

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: Helping providers and clinics with tasks that appear clunky and difficult to transform those task into something pliable and efficient.

Which Team Value is most important to me: “Work with people, not for people.” I think it’s key to treat everyone as if they are important. Each individual you work with should feel like they are your priority. It’s important to get to know who you are working with so that you can better understand their reasoning and logic behind what they do. This goes for colleagues, providers, nursing staff, etc.

Ask me about: Process Improvement, Process Maps, Quality Tools (Fishbone diagrams, 5 Why’s, etc.)

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Lindsay Stortz

Project Coach


Partnerned With: Medicine (Genetics, Hematology/Oncology), Neurology, Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Surgery, Surgery Oncology

Contact: 919-966-5663

Prior Work Experience: Nurse on Six Bed Tower at UNC Hopital for 3 years

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: We all thought the advent of an electronic health record would lead to better outcomes and more efficiency. It did not live up to our expectations. Meaningful Use is a chance to rectify that and ensure that our electronic health record serves clinicians and patients in pursuing better, safer care.

Which Team Value is most important to me: My favorite value is “Be proactive.” I like to look at where we are, where we need to be, and take initiative.

Ask me about: Lean Six Sigma, Scope of Practice / licensure, Inpatient Nursing

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Travis Wilds

Project Coach


Partnerned With: Dermatology, Family Medicine, Medicine (Geriatrics, Internal Medicine), Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Radiology, Spine Clinic

Contact: 919-966-6719 

Prior Work Experience: 10 years Active Duty Officer, US Air Force; 6 years Fireman/Paramedic Las Vegas, NV

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: Streamlining cumbersome documentation to promote more meaningful patient interaction.

Which Team Value is most important to me: Make doing the right thing easy. UNC providers are already focused on providing great patient care, my job is to remove the roadblocks.

Ask me about: Anything MU.

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Kim Young-Wright

Project Coach


Contact: 919-966-7019 

Prior Work Experience: Quality Improvement Manager at UNC’s General Internal Medicine Clinic, Quality Director at Mystic Valley Elder Services

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: In addition to helping improve safety, efficiency, cost control, and quality of care, I believe the measures promoting care coordination and collaboration as well as patient and family engagement will lead to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Which Team Value is most important to me: "Make the right thing easy" The intent of Meaningful Use is the right thing to do. My goal is to make it’s implementation easy by providing the information, support, and process improvement guidance so that all providers meet the measures and all patients benefit from the improvements.

Ask me about: IHI’s Model for Improvement and PDSA cycles, Using data to drive change, Effective communication strategies

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Jason Shropshire

Business Analyst


Responsibilites: Analyst for MIPPA, PQRS, PCIP and MU

Contact: 919-843-9775 

Prior Work Experience: 10+ years healthcare experience (financial analysis and provider relations)

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: MU promotes a more thorough approach to patient care. By marrying data/technology with clinical outcomes, a much more comprehensive patient history is available to all present and future providers, to ensure better patient safety.

Which Team Value is most important to me: "Make the right thing easy" Processes that promote patient efficiency, safety and quality shouldn’t be unnecessarily burdensome.

Ask me about: Other PQI programs (MIPPA, PQRS, PCIP)

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Cj Blanc

Project Coordinator


Responsibilites: Project Communication, MU Website and MU SharePoint, Meeting and Event Planning and Support, EP Registration and Attestation Tracking and Entry Support.

Contact: 919-966-7260 

Prior Work Experience: I Spent 9 years at Cox Communications in San Diego CA in the roles of Data Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, and Communication Specialist II. Tasks in these roles ranged from writing technical methods and procedures and managing communication plans for new product roll outs, to composing on-line content, copy writing, and graphic design.

How I believe MU contributes to meaningful care: Sharing and managing health care data is challenging. MU brings us one step closer to truly useable and portable data that will ease the frustrations currently facing both patients and clinicians.

Which Team Value is most important to me: “Do what You Say you will do” As a team, and individual it’s important to set realistic expectations, and to follow through on delivering what you promise on time.

Ask me about: Web Design, Info Mapping, Knowledge Management, Methods and Procedures Documentation, SharePoint, Photo Shop, Print Collateral.

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