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2014/2015 Campus Parking Registration for Permanent Employees and Returning Residents


2014/2015 Campus Permit Parking Registration
For Permanent Hospital Employees and Returning Residents
The registration will begin at noon on April 23rd 2014 and end at  12:00 noon May 5th 2014;
for the new permit year that will go into effect 8/15/2014
Permanent Hospital Employees who wish to apply for an on-campus pay permit or an after 5:00PM night permit should apply on line during this registration period. 
We will not be able to extend the registration.
Employees failing to register may sign up for a waiting list at the end of August. 
Employees Who have just transfered from the School of Medicine to Healthcare and signed up
via the SOM/University process will not need to sign up here.
Registration for CAP Park and Ride will be held later this summer begining 
mid- July 2014. for Per-Diem and Temporary Employees 
Craige Deck Construction
Due to continuing constuction
we will have fewer Craige Deck permits in the alloacation this year.
The Campus Parking Registration is applicable for permanent full time and part time Hospital Employees
who work on campus or at an offsite building that has an adjoining campus owned lot (Hedrick, Imaging etc.)
and returning residents associated with the Office of Graduate Medical Education.
On campus parking is extremely limited and only for permanent on campus employees.
Employees in offsite areas should see their parking corrdinator about resources for on campus visits.

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