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Patient and Visitor Parking

Patients and visitors may park in the Dogwood Parking Decks or the Ambulatory Care Center parking lot at a cost of $1.50 an hour or fraction thereof, to a maximum of $8 to park your vehicel for a full day. Coupons are available to Patients and Visitors in the Hospitals Parking Office for $8 each. These coupons will allow Patients or Visitors to enter and leave the deck multible time during the day without acquiring extra charges. The Hospitals Parking Office is located in the building in front of N.C. Childrens Hospital.

Parking for patients visiting the UNC Family Medicine Center is located directly beside the front entrance of the center. Parking for Emergency Room and Urgent Care Center patients is located with the Valet Attendant outside the Emergency Room main entrance. One vehicle per patient is allowed in the lot. Cost of non-emergent vehicles is $10.00.

Valet Parking is available to all patients and visitors to any of the Hospitals and the Clinical Cancer Center. Valet is located in the building in front of the N.C. Hospitals. The cost for valet parking is $10. Valet coupons can be purchased from the Valet Cashier and come in books of five and cost $45. 

Payment for the Dogwood Deck or Valet can be made by cash, credit or debit card.

Visitors and Patients may contact the Hospitals Parking Office for long term parking options at 919-966-1031

Persons affiliated with the University or UNC Healthcare must Obtain an affiliate permit for medical appointments to prevent from receiving a citation. These permits may be obtained from the Department of Public Safety or the Security Booth located on the second level of the Dogwood Deck.


Handicapped Parking is available for up to four hours in any of the Handicapped Parking spaces located directly in front of the Memorial Hospital entrance. Additional handicapped spaces are located in the Dogwood Parking Deck. Handicapped-accessible shuttles service these spaces. If you need assistance from the parking deck, please contact the attendant via the call box phones.

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