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Shadow Visitors

Shadow Visitors Guidelines
Important new information regarding Ebola precautions:
If you have traveled to Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea or if you have had contact with a suspected or known case of Ebola, we are asking you not to shadow until after a 21 day incubation period.
UNC Hospitals Volunteer Services does not arrange placement for Shadow Visitors. Interested parties must contact hospital departments directly to set up shadow experiences. After a department agrees to work with a shadow visitor, the preceptor and visitor must follow the directions below.
*Please note: Shadowing is not permitted in operating rooms.
To the Preceptor:
   1.  Please read the Shadow Visitor Policy. (please note that there are multiple HIPAA modules.  Please make sure the visitor is directed to the Shadow Module and not the Med School HIPAA test)
   2.  Send an email to with the following information:
        (1) Name of Shadow Visitor
        (2) Preceptor's Name, Department, and Contact Phone Number
        (3) Date(s) of the visit - beginning and ending (not to exceed 6 weeks)
  *Emails must be received at least 24 hours in advance!
To the Shadow Visitor:
Please complete the follow steps.
*Current UNC-CH students need to complete HIPAA Training, TB Test, and Flu Shot (during flu season).  UNC-CH students must have their student ID to show Volunteer Services when you pick up your shadow badge. 
Current Hospital Volunteers (volunteered within the past year) and Hospital Employees do not need to complete any of the following steps, but must bring their Hospital ID to show Volunteer Services.  You do need to pick up a shadow badge and cannot wear your Volunteer or Employee badge when you shadow. 
University Employees need to complete all the following steps.
All Shadow Visitors, please read the Shadow Visitor Policy.
  1. Complete the HIPAA Training. (Please make sure you are taking the correct "Shadow Visitor" module and not the Med School HIPAA)
  2. Print an Immunization Review Form for Shadow Visitors and have it completed by your health care provider.
  3.  You may pick up your badge and turn in your Immunization Review Form - Tdap & TB Skin Tests    required.  (TB test must be within 12 months) to the Volunteer Services department 24 hours or more after we have received the email request from your preceptor.
*Please contact the person you are shadowing at least one day prior to your scheduled shadowing time to confirm that your request has been emailed to our office. You will have to reschedule your shadow visit if we do not have the completed request from the preceptor.
The Volunteer Services Department is open for badge pick-up Monday-Friday from 9AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM.  We are not available on weekends to process or pick-up badge requests.  We are located in Memorial Hospital on the Ground Floor.
Special Instructions for OT and PT Shadowing only

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