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Welcome, Volunteers!

  • Welcome, Adult Volunteers!
Here you can find information on the application process to become a volunteer as well as important news for current volunteers.
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 Would you be interested in?...


Due to the very specific needs of the hospital, and the quantity of applications we receive - we are only listing positions that are needed at this time.  See below for areas of opportunity.  Please check back for updated information and new programs!

** Note-  there are no weekend or evening placements at this time (w/ exception serving dinner)

** The Pediatric Cuddler program will not take any new placements until 2015.  Please check back!

  • Various clinics at UNCH hospital and offsite areas.  Customer service; greeting, navigating, assisting with checkin     

  • Flower and mail delivery to patients.  M-Friday, 1:30 - 4 pm

  • Serving water to visitors in the lobby areas of the hosptial, 11am - 3pm

  • Various clinics at UNCH hospital and offsite areas.  Customer service; greeting, navigating, assisting with checkin     

  • Gift Shop Volunteers, permanent spots & substitutes needed M-F, between the hours of 9:00 am & 4:00 pm 

  • Tea Cart servers - Cancer Hospital, M-F, between the hours of 9:00 am & 4:30 pm 

  • Pediatric Playroom

  • Library - book processors and patient delivery (M-F)

  •  Sewers for Sock Monkeys and Infant Grief program. Patterns supplied by us, material cost reimbursed to you.  Volunteers meet in a designated group with a leader.

  • Various Wait Rooms - 8-5 only (no weekends)

  • Cookie Bakers (one or two Wed per month),  (1-3pm)

  • Serving dinners to visitors/caregivers (5 - 7pm)

  • Administration on UNCH campus and offsite (8-4 only)

  • Hospice Volunteers are needed for the community.  Call 919-542-5545 and ask for the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator  

 Adult Volunteer Opportunities.


Click here for answers to many frequently asked questions!


Volunteer Requirements

All of the following are requirements that apply to every adult volunteer.  If you do not feel that you are able to meet each and every one of these requirements, please contact the Volunteer Services Adult Volunteer Coordinator, Donna Daniel, prior to applying.
  • Attend the orientation session
  • Interview with adult volunteer coordinator
  • Turn in all required paperwork, including references
  • Complete health assessment with UNCH Occupational Health
We hope, and prefer that interested individuals commit to nine months to a year of volunteering in order to best serve the Hospital.


Dress Code
Following the dress code listed below will allow you to be safe and comfortable while volunteering at UNC Hospitals.  We expect a neat and clean professional appearance to be maintained at all times. 
  • Always have your hospital ID in plain view (above the waist).
  • All volunteers wear either a jacket or a UNCHC polo which can be paired with slacks, khakis or skirts hitting at or below the knee.
  • Shoes should be closed toed, soft soled, and low heeled.

Application Process

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at UNC, you must complete an application. To view the application process and download the required forms, please follow the link below.  Please review the volunteer requirements carefully before filling out an application. 

Application Process  Regardless of where you are hoping to volunteer (NC Memorial, Women's, NC Children's, Neurosciences, or Cancer Hospitals; Chapel Hill or Hillsborough offsite clinics or buildings), you use the same application.
APPROVAL OF ALL APPLICANTS IS CONDITIONAL ON THE FINDINGS OF A BACKGROUND CHECK.  THESE WILL BE PERFORMED AFTER YOUR INTERVIEW.  Additionally, we highly prefer that you can commit to 9 months to a year of volunteering.  If you are currently searching for jobs or only want short-term volunteering, this program may not be right for you!

 Hours Submission Form

Here is the link to the Hours Submission Form.  If you forget to check in/out when you volunteer or work offsite and regularly report your hours once a month, use this site:
Contact Information
Donna Daniel, Adult Coordinator
Department of Volunteer Services
101 Manning Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC. 27514
(919) 966 - 4793
Dawn Woody, Adult Coordinator for UNC Cancer Hospital
Department of Volunteer Services
101 Manning Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC. 27514
(919) 966 - 4793



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