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Current/Returning Volunteers

Welcome Current College Volunteers!
Please refer to the home College Volunteers page for up-to-date information about deadlines/dates and registration information.

Submitting Hours

If you volunteered off-site (a location other than UNC Hospitals or the ACC), please use the below form to submit your hours. We need your hour totals by each month (they do not need to be broken down by each day) when you submit them. For example, if you volunteer four Tuesdays in March for 3 hours each shift, you will tell us in the form that you volunteered 12 hours in March. 

If you forgot to sign in or out one week or are missing hours for some reason, please use the form below to give us the information to manually enter your hours. 

Only use this form if you did not log in/out at one of the kiosk desks!

**Hours Submission Form: **

CPALS (Carolina Pediatric Attention, Love, and Support)

CPALS has an official webpage for those interested in learning more and for 1:1 pal members with passwords to get updates.  Find their page here:


Frequently Asked Questions

We've complied some of the most asked questions by current college volunteers and will refer you here for many answers. 

Who do I contact if I am going to be out sick for my volunteering shift?
If you are going to be out sick or are not able to make your volunteer time for some reason, you are responsible for contacting your area’s liaison. This is the contact that is given to you at the beginning of the semester; their name and contact information are located in the top corner of your schedule. Please put your contact's information in your cell phone.  Volunteer Services does not need to know you are unable to make it. *DO NOT CONTACT THEM LAST MINUTE!*
Do I need to volunteer during holidays? What about during inclement weather?
You are not expected to volunteer during holidays or school-scheduled breaks. Please remind your liaisons that you will not be volunteering, particularly if you are from a school other than UNC-CH. You are still welcome to volunteer. If you are in a clinic area or other office, please make sure they are going to be open. During inclement weather, we do not expect our volunteers to work. Since many of you are within walking distance however, we would appreciate your help if you can come in, especially since staff and employees who travel are not always able to make it in.
What if I do not think I will be able to commit to volunteering after registering?
Students who, in the first two weeks of volunteering, feel they are unable to commit to volunteering for the semester can drop without penalty by notifying the student coordinator. After this “drop/add date” if volunteers cannot continue to work, they will be considered as not meeting the 25 hour (40 in the summer) minimum to remain in good standing and will have to wait out a semester. In any case, if you cannot commit to volunteering, please let Volunteer Services know immediately so that we can open up your spot to other interested volunteers.
I heard some volunteers are eligible for scholarships. What can you tell me about that?
The Volunteer Association awards eligible volunteers who submit an application and go through the scholarship process for college scholarships each year. The scholarships are awarded to rising seniors (those going into their last year of college education) who have completed a minimum specific number of hours (in Spring 2015 it was 125 hours) and demonstrate their commitment to volunteering. Information about the scholarships goes out to students in a letter/email each spring.
I have not been getting any emails, what should I do?
Throughout the semester, we send out emails for additional volunteer opportunities, office help, or to inform you of upcoming events. It is possible that we do not have the correct email address for you. Or, since emails are sent to current volunteers, if you do not have any recent volunteer hours logged in our system yet, you won’t get any emails. If you have not gotten any emails a few weeks into the semester, it is important that you inform us so we are able to fix the problem. Making sure you have kept your hours up to date and that we have the right email address is important because the returning volunteer registration process is done via email.
 I am graduating, but will be in the area and would like to continue volunteering. How can I transition to an adult volunteer?
If you are going to be around for 6 months or less, you can just continue to volunteer in the student program. If you are going to be here and available to volunteer for more than 6 months, just email Volunteer Services about transitioning into the adult volunteer program.
I live off-campus, where can I park?
Parking (free or otherwise) is not available to UNC Chapel Hill students in the hospital parking decks as per the University’s regulations. As a UNC-CH student, even during the summer session you are not permitted to park in the Hospital lots. Many buses go to and from UNC Hospitals and walking or getting a ride are always options. UNC students volunteering after 5:00pm or on weekends may try to look for parking in designated lots on campus. Students from other colleges may obtain a free parking pass from Volunteer Services. More information about transportation options can be found on this site.
I am volunteering somewhere other than UNC Hospitals, Family Medicine or the ACC. What are my transportation options?
Sites other than the Hospitals (Children's, Women's, Neurosciences, Cancer, Memorial, Anderson, etc.), Family Medicine and the ACC center do allow students to park there. (Side note: The ACC does run a shuttle bus around UNC Hospitals for students coming from campus/the hospital.) More information about transportation options can be found on this site.
I will no longer be volunteering, is there anything I should do?
If you are not going to be volunteering ever again with us (i.e. graduating, transferring, etc.), we ask that you turn in your ID badge to Volunteer Services and let us know you will not be volunteering so we can keep our systems/files up-to-date. We ask that you do not donate your Volunteer Polo with the UNCH logo to a used clothing place for security reasons, but appreciate it if you would like to donate it back to us as a spare or pass it on to another volunteer.
I volunteer off-site, how should I submit my hours?
If you volunteer somewhere other than UNC Hospitals or the ACC, students may submit their hours using the hours submission form. Volunteers should tally their hours by each month and submit at the end of each month. Only students that volunteer off-site should follow this process. All students that work at UNC Hospitals or the ACC must sign in and out at one of the kiosks (which are located in Volunteer Services, Women’s Info Desk, Cancer Hospital Workroom, and the ACC).
I am missing some hours or forgot to sign in one day, what should I do?
You may use the hours submission form to let us know the hours you missed. We can add them into the system manually.
How can I track or have a record of my volunteer hours?
Volunteers may view their hours in the “My History” tab on the web kiosk sign in (the touch screen computer where volunteers login) at any time. Volunteers should print a copy of their hours for their own records, especially students who need them to apply for schools. Printing hours is an option on the kiosk under “Report” and hours will be printed to the front office at Volunteer Services. An automatic email is usually also sent out near the end of the semester with an update of the Volunteer’s current total hours.
What if I don’t get the amount of hours required?
If you do not complete the minimum hours you will be penalized and asked to sit out the next full semester (spring or fall; summer does not count). If you choose to re-register after sitting out a semester, you will have to go through walk-in registration. You will not be required to attend another orientation though. The requirement is 25 hours per semester (40 in the summer) TOTAL, not per area. This means if you are volunteering in more than one area, you only have to meet the 25 hours (40 in the summer) as a combined total.
What if I am having trouble completing the 25 or 40 (summer) hours?
If you are not completing about 2.5 or (4 summer) hours a week or have missed some volunteering, you should take advantage of the opportunities sent out over email to supplement your area. All hours done for additional projects, office help, or answering some other need from the emails sent out count towards your hours. You can also arrange to make up shifts or come in for extra hours with your area’s liaison. Don’t wait until the end of the semester to try to make up hours!
I volunteered previously and would like to return. What do I need to do? 
If you sat out a semester because you did not meet the minimum required hours of service, you must come in through walk-in registration. If you are in good standing, have volunteered within the last year, and did not sit out a semester because you failed to meet the minimum hour requirements, you may register with returning volunteers through an email process. An email from the student coordinator is sent a month or two prior to the start of the new semester of volunteering.  If it's been longer than a year, please contact the student coordinator, and sometimes exceptions can be made.
What if I have not volunteered in over a year and would like to return?
It it has been 2 years since orientation, you need to come though walk-in registration. If it has been less than two years, email the student coordinator.
As a returning volunteer, when should I be on the lookout for the email process?
Students who have volunteered within the last year will receive an email regarding volunteering with instructions on how to register at the approximate times for the following semesters:
Summer: End of April
Fall: End of July
Spring: End of November
Students will receive a listserve email regardless of whether or not they plan on volunteering. Those wishing to volunteer will need to follow the directions in the email. If you have not received an email by these times and have volunteered in the past year, you should contact Volunteer Services.
Is there anything I should keep in mind when I am filling out my returning volunteer application?
Volunteers should remember that we have around 600 volunteers that register as returning volunteers each semester. To make sure that you are placed in an area that you are interested in, please put AT LEAST THREE CHOICES for the areas you would like to volunteer in. Due to the large number of volunteers, we are not always able to give everyone their first choice, so having at least three choices helps us to place you successfully. Also, please give us as much availability as possible - basically all the time that you are willing to volunteer - you may designate your prefered times to volunteer and we will go with that first. Having all the times you can volunteer helps us place you into a spot without having to email to ask you if you are available. If we have to email back and forth to ask more information of you, you lose your place in the pile and we lose a lot of time.
Can I volunteer in a different area than I have previously?
Yes, returning volunteers are welcome to move to a different area when they register for a new semester.
Can I volunteer in more than one area?
While we discourage new volunteers from working in more than one area, returning volunteers can volunteer in more than one area. Just simply note your desire to do this in your returning volunteer application. During the summer, since there are fewer volunteers, we are also able to allow new volunteers to volunteer in more than one area if they choose.
Do I need another TB test or orientation if I am a returning volunteer?
Volunteers who are registering as returning volunteers do not need another TB test. All that is necessary for registration is to complete the returning application, sent out by email.


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