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Application Process and Required Forms

Applicants need to complete all of the following steps in order to volunteer at UNC Health Care.  Please note that the steps needed to become a volunteer are listed in the order that they must be completed.

1.  Make sure that you meet all of the requirements listed on the Introduction Web Page for High School Volunteers as well as the Introduction Letter.

2.  Complete Application and Questionnaire sheet thoroughly. One sentence per question is not sufficient. If all questions are not answered, your application will NOT be considered.  You must have a Parent/Guardian signature.

3.  Give Junior Volunteer Reference Form to someone who knows you in an academic or professional capacity to complete. This means a teacher, counselor, principal, or employer.  Family members, friends of the family, or neighbors are not appropriate references.  Ask them to put your reference form in a sealed envelope and hand it back to you to put with your application and be submitted at the same time.

4.  Mail your completed application including the Application, Questionnaire and Reference Forms to UNC Health Care, Volunteer Services, 101 Manning Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

*NOTE: Applications that are faxed will not be accepted. Reference letters MUST be included with other paperwork to be accepted.
Any reference letters that are sent separately or faxed will not be considered.
5.  After your application is received, you may be contacted for a personal interview.  This process can take several weeks/months for the summer program.

6.  If you are selected for an interview, please come prepared with what day(s) of the week you are available.  All interviews are held at Volunteer Services, Ground Floor, Memorial Hospital.

7.  Once you are selected to volunteer, complete your Immunization and Tuberculosis Review Form.

8.  Obtain a current TB Skin Test.  It can be done at your local health department or family doctor. It takes 48 hours to read the results, so plan ahead. Immunization and Tuberculosis Review Form may be turned in at the time of your interview or on your 1st day of volunteering.

9.  Attend orientation and begin volunteering!

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