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UNC Wound Healing & Podiatry Center


Our Goal is to identify all underlying factors leading to poor wound healing allowing formulation of the most personalized plan of care for the treatment of the chronic non-healing wound.


 The UNC Hospitals Wound Healing and PodiatryCenter offers best in class care for all of our patients.  We offer a wide range of diagnostics and care for patients with chronic non healing wounds that are the result of Diabetes, Vascular Disease, Surgery, and Trauma. We are a Multispecialty Clinic with a focus on Vascular Surgery and Podiatry.  Our emphasis is on limb salvage, but we can evaluate other types of wounds on a case-by-case basis.  We provide comprehensive Wound Care, and specialize in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy {HBOT} for patients that clinically qualify for this adjunct therapy.


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