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Wound Center Staff

Providers with advanced training in wound management & HBOT:

  • William Marston, MD - Division Chief; Medical Director Wound Healing & Podiatry Center
  • Blair Keagy, MD
  • Howard Kashefsky, DPM
  • Raghuveer Vallabhaneni, MD
  • Brian Rayala, MD
  • Kelli Haas, PA-C


Nursing & Clinic Director:

  • JoAnn Belanger, RN Director of Radiology Nursing


Asst. Nurse Manger:

  • Rebecca Crane, RN CNIV


Administrative Suppport Supervisor:

  • Melissa McLawhorn, CPC-H


Physician Liaison:

  • William Murray


Nursing staff trained in the care of chronic wounds:

  • Krista Maddock, RN CNIII
  • Beth Crabtree, RN
  • Dan Howe, RN
  • Annette Hayes, RN
  • Melissa Ayers, RN
  • Deb Harrold, RN
  • Rebecca Davis, RN
  • Whitney Chaney, RN
  • Shelly Gunn, NA


Certified Hyperbaric Technicians who oversee HBOT & perform non-invasive arterial studies:

  • Sam Benton, CHT
  • Robert Hall, CHT
  • Ryan Mullis, EMT


Experienced staff to assist with appointments, helath insurance processing, and payment plans:
  • Sabrina Marin, Financial Counselor
  • Megan Leet, Patient Business Associate
  • Brenda Sellars, Patient Business Associate
  • Lisa Smith, Patient Business Associate
  • Justin Bullock, Patient Business Associate





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