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UNC Senior Alliance

UNC Senior Alliance is UNC Health’s accountable care organization, and is transforming healthcare delivery and payment models on behalf its provider network, which includes independent physicians along with those affiliated with UNC Health. Our network is committed to the mission to make care more accessible to patients and shift to value-based payments, achieving high quality patient outcomes at affordable costs.

We focus on your total health needs. Whether you seek care from a primary care provider or specialist or one of our hospitals, your doctors collaborate to make sure you receive the right care, in the right place. Our dedicated care team will make sure that any necessary follow-up care is in place – and for those who are too ill to leave the house, we can even provide some services in your home.

UNC Senior Alliance Providers & Facilities

The UNC Senior Alliance network consists of independent providers, UNC Health Faculty Physicians, UNC Physicians Network physicians, and providers employed by UNC-owned and -managed hospitals. Find out if your provider is a member of UNC Senior Alliance:

UNC Senior Alliance Providers

UNC Senior Alliance Facilities

UNC Senior Alliance partners with skilled nursing facilities. Our partner facilities include:

  • Brian Center Health & Retirement / Durham, Inc.
  • Brian Center Health and Retirement/ Clayton, Inc.
  • Capital Nursing & Rehabilitation
  • Carol Woods Retirement Community
  • Liberty Commons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center of Johnston County
  • Litchford Falls Healthcare & Rehab
  • UNC REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center of Apex
  • UNC REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center of Raleigh
  • Zebulon Rehabilitation Center

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