Network Resources

Members of UNC Senior Alliance have access to many programs and resources to help them deliver high-quality, patient-centered care.

Post-discharge Transition Calls

This service provides patient calls following a hospital or emergency room discharge to ensure the patient is clear on discharge instructions, has a care plan in place, and to help schedule follow-up appointments.

Personal Health Advocate

The Personal Health Advocate team of trained nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, and care coordinators can collaborate with providers to help provide the extra level of patient support that is sometimes needed.

UNC Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy service is an extensive network of pharmacies located across North Carolina featuring a URAC accredited specialty pharmacy and providing home delivery services. The program specializes in Patient Adherence Centered Therapy (PACT) and Co-payment Incentive Programs which can help increase medication adherence and reduce out-of-pocket expenses

UNC HealthLink

This 24/7 nurse line is available to provide after-hours coverage for patients, as well as provider support for appointment scheduling and referrals.

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