Illness can happen without warning. For the unexpected, UNC Health provides quality medical care when and where you need it most. We offer multiple walk-in urgent care clinics in select North Carolina counties. You also have access to virtual, real-time physician appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week across the state. It’s part of our commitment to our community and a way to keep exceptional care convenient. Find a location near you or access for quality care anytime.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 diagnostic testing is available at the following urgent care locations:

Chatham County

Orange County

Johnston County

Wake County

Testing requires a provider evaluation and generally is appropriate for individuals who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Our providers will determine if COVID-19 testing is right for you.

*At this time, UNC Urgent Care does not offer COVID-19 antibody testing (which indicates whether the patient has been infected in the past).*

Orange County Locations

woman sneezing in front of flowering trees

Orange County offers 3 convenient urgent care locations for you:

UNC Urgent Care at Carolina Pointe II*

Located near the intersection of Highway 54 and Interstate 40

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UNC Urgent Care at The Family Medicine Center at Chapel Hill*

Located near the intersection of Fordham Blvd. (NC 54) and Manning Dr.

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UNC Urgent Care at Hillsborough

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Wake County Locations

kid with band-aids on skinned knees

Wake County offers 11 convenient UNC Urgent Care locations for you:

Patient must be checked in by 7:45 PM to be seen. At UNC Children’s Urgent Care at Raleigh, patients must be checked in by 11:45 PM to be seen.

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Specialty Urgent Care Locations

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UNC Health Care offers specialty urgent care services for your pediatric and orthopaedic needs.


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