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    Virtual Wellness Week | May 24 – 27

    "Take a Moment for Yourself" and enjoy a variety of live and on-demand events including fitness classes, mindfulness sessions and more!

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    Improving Work Life.

    The integrated Well-Being Program is here to support co-workers and physicians across our health system and school of medicine.

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    Path to Emotional Well-Being.

    Your roadmap to help you care for yourself as you care for others..

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    Take the Well-Being Index.

    We strongly encourage UNC Health Care providers and staff to invest five minutes in yourself by participating in the Well-Being Index.

Well-Being Program

Through the integrated Well-Being Program, UNC Physicians, the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health Care will develop a comprehensive, system-wide approach to identify the best tools already in use throughout our system and find innovative ways to improve both Epic@UNC and the flow of practice, with the goal of meeting the fourth arm of the Quadruple Aim: preventing burnout and improving work life.

UNC Health Care Well-Being Program

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Percentage of doctors reporting at least one symptom of burnout (2014)


Decline in satisfaction with work-life balance from 2011 to 2014


Co-workers and providers we serve

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Focus Area: Culture of Wellness

    • Inventory of internal and external burnout mitigation programs and their efficacy
    • Utilize Mayo Well Being Index data to identify clinical departments with the highest burnout
    • Assess departments’ readiness for change and opportunity for maximal impact - Ex: Attrition rates, Loss of key providers

    Focus Area: Efficiency of Practice

    • Establish pilot programs to develop specialty and practice-specific best practices.
    • Practice and Workflow optimization with focus on:
      • Reducing EMR burden
      • Top of Licensure practice
    • Integrate, synthesize, and coordinate programs across UNC Health Care

    Focus Area: Personal Resilience

    Preventing Burnout
    • LiveWell Program
    • Leadership and Professional Development Opportunities
    • Improved Communication
    Treating Burnout
    • Taking Care of Our Own
    • Integrated Emotional Support Program
    • Other programs and initiatives identified through the integrated Well-Being Program