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If You Want to Make an appointment with a Mental Health Provider

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Emotional Support and Mental Health Resources

It can be hard to find time to care of ourselves, especially during periods of high-stress. However, it is important to make yourself a priority. Your physical, emotional and mental well-being are important factors in your overall health.

UNC Health proudly offers a variety of well-being resources for teammates and clinicians. These system-wide mental health and emotional support resources are available to help guide you through difficult, stressful times.

In order to give the best care to our patients, it is important to care for ourselves. Let the Well-Being Program take care of you, so you can care for others.

Please Note: The resources in this site are available for UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine teammates and clinicians. If you are a member of our community, know you are not alone. Please refer to these resources to help navigate these stressful times.

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