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Well-Being Toolkit

The Well-Being Program has collaborated with various entities and departments across UNC Health and the UNC School of Medicine to create a toolkit of best practices for health care leaders to access and tailor to the needs of their teams.

We strongly encourage our health care professionals to submit projects that they have successfully piloted for inclusion in the toolkit. Projects can be submitted here.

Well-Being Toolkit Resources

The Well-Being Toolkit has been designed to connect health care professionals across the system with resources that help prevent or mitigate workplace stress. Please utilize these resources to support your own well-being, and share with others who may benefit from additional assistance.

  • Emotional Support: The Integrated Emotional Support Program is designed to connect healthcare professionals with emotional support resources after adverse patient events.

  • Team Based Work Process: These work processes are designed to promote emotional well-being by engaging a team, unit or department.

  • Team Based Resilience: Improve wellness in a team, department or unit with Team Based Resilience projects.

  • Individual Work Process: Individuals improve well-being by reducing clicks and maximizing usability.