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Emotional Support


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The Integrated Emotional Support Program is designed to connect healthcare professionals with emotional support resources after adverse patient events.

Taking Care of Our Own

Taking Care of Our Own addresses burnout syndrome and other mental health concerns in attending and resident physicians.

Peer Support Program

Peer Support Program offers one-on-one support from trained colleagues after adverse patient events including physical and verbal assaults from patients and visitors.

EAP Overview by Entity

The Employee Assistance Program provides a limited number of free face-to-face visits with counselors in the community. Services are completely free of charge. Counseling sessions are protected under HIPAA; employers and managers will not be notified.

Compsych access information for the following entities:

Caldwell -(800) 272-7255 Web ID: COM589

Chatham - (800) 272-7255 Web ID: CHATEAP

Johnston - (844) 729-5166 Web ID: JOHNSTONEAP

Pardee - (844) 833-2006 Web ID: EAP@PARDEE 

Physicians Network - (866) 726-3619 Web ID:

UNCPN Rex - (844) 869-2365 Web ID: REXEAP

Rockingham - (844) 268-6502 Web ID: UNCRockingham

UNCMC - (855) 394-5547 Web ID: UNCHC

UNCSOM - (855) 394-5547 Web ID: TARHEELS