Webinar, App and Video-based Mental Health and Self-care Resources

Webinars through the Employee Assistance Program

Coping with Uncertainty about the Coronavirus: 46 minutes

  • Discusses uncertainty as it relates to your ability to cope with the Coronavirus
  • Reviews individual stress reactions and their impact on coping
  • Explores coping strategies for anyone experiencing any uncertainty
  • Note: The video will start after you complete the registration information.

Fitness Videos on YouTube

UNC Wellness Centers fitness videos via YouTube

Yoga for the "Front Line"

  • This yoga practice is designed specifically for the stress relief on the job.
  • The movements can be done during lunch or on breaks either seated in a chair or standing, allowing them to be utilized in the hospital, sans mat!

App and Web based Mental Health Resources

The following apps are useful for promoting mindfulness and treating anxiety and depression. Some of these apps are used by the Well-Being Program while others have been reviewed positively by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Mindfulness/Meditation Apps: 

Depression Treatment Apps:

Anxiety Treatment Apps:


Additional Resources