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ISD Support

Epic@UNC Well-Being Toolkit

Provider and Clinician Support

ISD is committed to providing ongoing provider and clinician support and personalized coaching sessions across the UNC Health Care system. These sessions focus on ensuring that users are comfortable and efficient using the tools in Epic@UNC on a daily basis. Sessions are aimed to empower users to customize Epic@UNC, increase EMR satisfaction and will be scheduled to meet the unique needs.

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Personalized Order Panels (Inpatient and Ambulatory)

Providers can create their own order panel on the fly within the Epic@UNC ordering workflow, this feature saves time and reduces clicks.

Personalization Lab Booklet

“It’s Possible” Personal Order Panel Video Training

Video Training - In Basket Personalization

Epic@UNC Allows Clinicians to Close Care Gaps from a SmartSet

Clinicians can easily place orders to satisfy multiple care gaps in primary care or care management, this feature saves time and reduces clicks for PCPs and care managers.

Tip Sheet Customize Your Smartsets

Create your own copy of Epic@UNC functionality to boost efficiency and EMR personalization

Providers can now copy and modify order sets from their colleagues, this feature saves time and reduces clicks.

Tip Sheet - Copy an Existing Order Set

Video Training its Possible Order Set Personalization

Efficiency Tools for Charting and Orders

Outlook Integration

Providers now have the option to integrate their Epic schedule with their Outlook calendars.

Outlook integration with Epic@UNC Schedule


Storyboard gives you easy access to a patient's story, no matter where you are in their chart.

Video – Why and How Epic developed Storyboard

Video – Storyboard Summary

Clinical Storyboard Tip Sheet

Epic@UNC Pre- Charting

Clinicians can get a head start on charting before the patient arrives in the clinic. This feature can help save time and improve productivity.

Tip Sheet - Complete Pre-Charting

Video Training - Pre-Charting

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Epic@UNC Integration

Epic@UNC integration with North Carolina's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) supports minimal interruption to clinician workflow(s) while saving time/clicks in the system.

Tip Sheet PDMP/Inpatient

Write Orders from Haiku and Canto

Physicians can now place most common orders from Haiku and Canto on their iOS device in the ED and hospital, this feature saves time and reduces clicks.

Tip Sheet - Write Orders in Haiku and Canto


Dragon DMO

Dragon Medical One (DMO) is the system-wide software replacement of Dragon Medical Network Edition (DMNE). DMO is now integrated within Epic@UNC to improve usability, provider efficiency and reduces time spent logging into a separate system.

DMO Resources

Secure Chat

Secure Chat allows users to exchange secure text messages within Epic@UNC for quick communication and collaboration within Epic@UNC, Haiku, Canto and Rover mobile applications for patient care.

Secure Chat Video Training

Additional Resources (Epic@UNC Training Library and Slicer Dicer)

Epic@UNC Training Library (Quarterly Releases, Tip Sheets, Videos)

Epic@UNC Training Library provides a centralized location to quickly access the latest training resources and materials. These materials include Tip Sheets, "It's Possible" videos and LMS classes.

Quarterly Releases

Tip Sheets

Video Training - Order

Slicer Dicer

Slicer Dicer is a powerful data exploration tool for providers and clinicians to examine data seamlessly within Epic@UNC. Users can investigate, customize and refine their data exploration on-the-fly. Providers and clinicians can take action on the data, examine trends, drill down to line-level details, and navigate to patient records to follow-up.

In LMS, search for HCSISDSLDICER (includes the eLearning and User Guide).