Toolkit Overview

The following are contents of the Well-Being Program's Toolkit, and are designed to connect health care professionals across the system with resources that help prevent or mitigate workplace stress.

Individual / Emotional / Support Resources

Get connected with encouraging, reassuring interventions that aim to meet emotional needs.

Team Based Work Process

These work processes are projects designed to promote emotional well-being by engaging a team, unit, or department.

Team Based Resilience

Improve wellness in a team, department, or unit with Team Based Resilience projects.

Individual Work Process

Individuals improve well-being by reducing clicks and maximizing usability.

Mental Health/Emotional Support Resources for Co-workers and Providers

During an infectious disease outbreak like COVID-19, it is not uncommon for people to experience feelings of fear, depression or anxiety.


ISD is committed to providing ongoing provider and clinician support and personalized coaching sessions across the UNC Health Care system.

Emotional Support

The Integrated Emotional Support Program is designed to connect healthcare professionals with emotional support resources after adverse patient events.

Submission Process

We invite everyone who has successfully piloted work related to well-being to contribute to this toolkit and share their best practices with other units, departments, and entities throughout the system.