Individual / Emotional / Support Resources

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Employee Assistance Program Compsych

The Employee Assistance Program provides a limited number of free face-to-face visits with counselors in the community.

Services are completely free of charge.

Counseling sessions are protected under HIPAA; employers and managers will not be notified.

Compsych access information for the following entities:

Caldwell (800) 272-7255 Web ID: COM589

Chatham (800) 272-7255 Web ID: CHATEAP

Johnston (844) 729-5166 Web ID: JOHNSTONEAP

Pardee (844) 833-2006 Web ID: EAP@PARDEE

Peer Support Well-Being Program Peer Support Program offers one on one support from trained colleagues after adverse patient events including physical and verbal assaults from patients and visitors

Train the Trainer – Contact Jennifer Tauber

Taking Care of Our Own Well-Being Program Taking Care of Our Own addresses burnout syndrome and other mental health concerns in attending and resident physicians

Contact Holly Krohn