September 2018 Update: Well-Being Index invitations coming this Fall

Following the launch of the integrated Well-Being Program this summer, the Well-Being team has been working behind the scenes to plan several initiatives you will begin seeing this fall:

UNC Health Care and the UNC School of Medicine Well-Being Progam

Rollout of the Well-Being Index across UNC Health Care

Starting in late October, co-workers and providers will begin receiving invites toInvest 5 Minutes in Yourself by taking the Well-Being Index participate in the Well-Being Index, a 9-question online self-assessment of your stress and well-being that will provide you with immediate, individualized feedback, including local and national resources to address your well-being needs.

We strongly encourage everyone to invest five minutes in yourself by participating in the Well-Being Index – our FY19 Organizational Goal for most entities is for 20% of providers to participate.

The Well-Being Index is anonymous and confidential - your personalized information is not shared. The UNC School of Medicine has used the Well-Being Index since 2016, with more than 50% of faculty members participating.

Look for your invite to participate in the Well-Being Index in an email from Then once you've created your account, login at any time via this link to review your results or re-take your assessment.

Care Redesign Pilot Projects

The Well-Being Program is working on several pilot projects to examine workflows and identify opportunities for improvements related to Care Redesign. Final recommendations will be routed through the appropriate system governance groups in each area.

  • Hospitalists at UNC Medical Center and UNC REX
    Representatives from the Division of Healthcare Engineering are shadowing hospitalists at UNC Medical Center and UNC REX. This follows introductory Town Hall meetings and a pre-survey that were both used to gather feedback.
  • OBGYN, Labor & Delivery at UNC Medical Center
    Work is underway with the OBGYN and Labor & Delivery teams to conduct pre-surveys and observations with support from UNC Faculty Physicians and the Division of Healthcare Engineering team.
  • UNC Physicians Network, Nursing pilots
    Pilots in the planning phase for both UNC Physicians Network clinics and inpatient nursing units.

Personalized Epic@UNC Consult Sessions for providers

In October, ISD will beginning to reach out to providers across UNC Health Care to offer 1-on-1 personalized Epic@UNC consult sessions. These sessions are focused on ensuring that providers are most efficiently using the tools in Epic@UNC in daily practice. Sessions will be scheduled to meet the provider’s needs and schedule.

Feedback from survey on Epic@UNC usage

Thanks to the more than 2,850 providers and co-workers who participated in our recent survey gathering feedback on Epic@UNC. We are reviewing the initial data now and will be able to compare our results at both an entity and specialty level to peers institutions across the country.

What’s Next?

In addition to the initiatives above, the Well-Being team is also exploring options to expand mental health support services for UNC Health Care co-workers and providers. Watch for more details on these services in the coming months.

If you have an idea for a unique program or idea that you’d like to share with the Well-Being Program leadership team, send us an email.