The Well-Being Index

The Well-Being Index is a tool developed by researchers at the Mayo Clinic to track wellness among medical professionals and other high-stress professions. Learn more.

Invest 5 Minutes in Yourself by taking the Well-Being Index

Invest 5 Minutes in Yourself: Take the Well-Being Index

If there has ever been a time to prioritize taking care of ourselves, it is now. We know that in order to care for others, we must be well.

Take the Well-Being Assessment Now!

  • All UNC Health providers and teammates are encouraged to use the Well-Being Index to assess your stress and well-being.
    • Upon completion of the 9-question self-assessment, you will receive immediate, individualized feedback, including local and national resources, to address your well-being needs.
    • The Well-Being Index is anonymous and confidential - your personal information is not shared.
    • The Well-Being Program is sent completely de-identified and aggregated data only by specialty and entity so that the team can best respond and offer interventions as needed to support and improve Well-Being.
    • First-time users: View instructions and invitation codes.
    • To help make our wellness more than a wish, a Manager Toolkit is now available. This toolkit is designed to help you engage your teams and colleagues regarding the Well-Being Index. We wish you well!