We strongly encourage everyone to invest five minutes in yourself by participating in the Well-Being Index, a 9-question self-assessment of your stress and well-being.Invest 5 Minutes in Yourself by taking the Well-Being Index

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, providers and co-workers who hadn't already participated at Caldwell, Chatham, Johnston, UNC Medical Center, UNC Physicians Network, the UNC School of Medicine**, UNC REX Healthcare, and UNC Rockingham Health Care received another invite:

  • Look for your invite to participate in the Well-Being Index in an email from 'UNCHCS and SOM - Well-Being Index ('
  • You can re-take the Well-Being Index multiple times per year to track your score over time. Once you've created your account, login at any time via this link to review your results or re-take your assessment.
  • Upon completion of the Well-Being Index, you will receive immediate, individualized feedback, including local and national resources, to address your well-being needs.
  • The Well-Being Index is anonymous and confidential - your personal information is not shared.
  • The Well-Being Program team will have access to aggregated data by specialty and entity so that the team can best respond to specific groups and locations as needed.
  • Though we want everyone to participate, one of our FY19 Organizational Goals is for 20% of providers to participate in the Well-Being Index.

About the Well-Being Index

The Well-Being Index is a tool developed by researchers at the Mayo Clinic to track wellness among medical professionals and other high-stress professions. Learn more.

About the UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine Integrated Well-Being Program

We want to ensure your well-being and make UNC Health Care and the UNC UNC Health Care and the UNC School of Medicine Well-Being Progam

School of Medicine among the best places to work in America.

As such, our rollout of the Well-Being Index is sponsored and offered through the Well-Being Program - learn more at

** While the Well-Being Index is being expanded across UNC Health Care, it will be available normally to those already using it in the School of Medicine.