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Defining Our Hybrid Model

The following principles are meant to guide us as we navigate how to be successful in our reimagined work culture.

PRIORITIZING SAFETY: We prioritize the health and safety of our teammates. All teammates are expected to observe the COVID safety guidelines.

VALUES: We will incorporate and keep our system values top of mind.

FLEXIBILITY: We recognize that the situation is constantly changing. We will adapt as needed and ensure teammates successfully navigate this new work model.

TRANSFORMATION: We will continue to move the organization forward by reimagining how, where and when we work.


Review the policies for our onsite and hybrid working models by clicking on the links below:

Establishing Core Work Hours

Each leader should identify core hours of work for their department/work team. These core hours establish expectations for being online and available for meetings, project collaboration and other exchanges. Emails sent to teammates outside of these core hours will not require immediate response. Leaders will set up a protocol (phone calls or texts) for addressing legitimate emergencies that must be addressed outside of core business hours. Information on department core hours and emergency strategies should be shared with the leader’s direct supervisor.

Remote Workers and Electronic Labor Law Postings

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires employers to post compliance and Labor Law posters in public areas. With the shift to hybrid or remote work for a number of our teammates, these posters are now accessible online for teammates to view and/or print.

The posters are available in English and Spanish and can be accessed online in one of the following locations:

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