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At UNC Health we understand that each department may have different workstation equipment requests. ISD will provide touchdown (docking) locations and shared workstations for use within your department. 


  • Soft Phone Description: Soft phones are essentially extensions of our core phone system. Currently, UNC Health’s standard softphone is Jabber. This is quickly becoming obsolete as it depends being connected to the UNC Health network (either on campus or VPN). Soon we will move to WebEx which has the ability to host virtual calling (Jabber) from within the WebEx application. 
  • Set Up/Use Soft Phone: Using the calling feature is similar to Jabber, there is no additional setup that a user needs outside of having a UNC Health phone number and a softphone profile in call manager. Users that currently have Jabber would only need to have a WebEx account and sign in for access to the phone services. Users that do not have a UNC Health phone number would need to request a phone number. How to request Cisco Jabber and Make Calls.
  • Set Up Voicemail to Email: Using the WebEx application voicemail will be available.
  • Logging into Shared Phone: Extension Mobility is the technology that will allow users to log into any phone allowing it to have their assigned work phone number. The user headset will provide the information to the device to perform a touchless login experience. User today can login to devices using a manual method using the phones dial pad (it requires your username and password).
  • Multi-Line Set Up/Usage: The WebEx application will allow the user to host multi line phone virtual. This will allow the user to perform the same functions on the WebEx application they would have a physically phone ... hold, park, transfer and conference.


  • Office Printing: UNC Health provides printers for shared usage within each department. If a teammate is using a shared workspace and does not have the appropriate printer installed on their workstation, they may submit a self-service request that will automatically add the printer to the workstation.
  • Ways to Avoid Printing (Guide to a paperless environment): Rather than printing documents, consider emailing soft copies, utilizing e-signature, or encouraging form owners to create web or PDF fillable forms. This not only prevents printing, but captures the data in electronic format rather than print. This can save both printing costs and resources.
  • Remote/Home Office Printing: UNC Health printers will not be deployed to the home. Home printers can be used for occasional small jobs, but are not supported by ISD nor will costs be reimbursed. PHI should not be taken offsite or printed from home printers without permission from management and must follow existing policies for document protection and destruction.

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