Virtual Teammate Equipment

UNC Health is committed to providing teammates with appropriate technology and equipment to work safely and effectively in a virtual environment. 

Office Equipment

An Ergonomic chair will be provided at no charge for teammates who requires one due to an ergonomic assessment, regardless of work location. If a teammate is hybrid, it’s the discretion of their manager to determine whether a second will be reimbursed (one for office and one for home).

Task chairs:

  • Teammates working virtually full time may bring the task chair from their previous office/work location to their home office. Teammates are responsible for informing their manager of this and returning it along with their other office equipment upon leaving the organization.
  • If a teammate who is hybrid wishes to purchase a task chair for their home office, it will be at their manager’s discretion whether a second chair for the home office will be reimbursed.
  • The recommended task chair for home use can be found here and is $250.

Office Supplies

Should a teammate working in a virtual environment need office supplies such as paper, pens, etc., supplies received from online sources such as Amazon will not be reimbursed. To be fiscally responsible and to receive the advantage of negotiated pricing, all office supplies should be ordered through their department’s Staples account. The Department may choose to maintain small supply areas on-site that virtual teammates can access, or provide delivery to the teammate’s home.

Computer Equipment

The ISD Department will issue teammates working virtually with the appropriate equipment to successfully perform their job. Teammates will be required to sign a work from home agreement documenting the equipment they will be using. When a teammate resigns or is terminated, equipment should be returned promptly to either their direct manager or one of the UNC Health PC Café locations:

  • Morrisville PC Café - 1025 ThinkPlace, 1st floor
  • Chapel Hill Timberlyne PC Café - 1101 Weaver Dairy Rd, suite 202 Chapel Hill

 To resolve equipment issues in person or to return equipment, schedule an appointment online for the Morrisville or Timberlyne PC Café.


  • Home Printing: Printing is not widely supported for home usage. We understand that various roles may require a B&W or Color printer (i.e. marketing materials for a presentation). In these situation teammates can request one of the two printer standards by completing the following form. After approval, and to enable ease of procurement, the printer will be shipped to your home office.
  • Ways to Avoid Printing (Guide to a paperless environment): Rather than printing documents, consider emailing soft copies, utilizing e-signature, or encouraging form owners to create web or PDF fillable forms. This not only prevents printing, but captures the data in electronic format rather than print. This can save both printing costs and resources.

Home Internet

  • Requirements: Bandwidth should be a minimum of 5Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream (5Mbps/1Mbps) for one individual with recommend speeds of at least 25Mbps/3Mbps. If your home internet is being shared by multiple users, it is recommended that you purchase a higher connection speed, if available, from your ISP. i.e 100Mpbs/20Mbps. Plug in to an ethernet connection if you can. This will eliminate any connection issues created by spotty Wi-Fi connections. When using Wi-Fi, always try to position yourself as close to the router as you possibly can to ensure that you have full signal strength and limit the impact of any Wi-Fi interference that may be degrading your connection speed. If you are currently using a wireless-g router, consider upgrading to a wireless-n or newer router.
  • Downtime: Computer systems may experience temporary interruptions due to planned and unplanned circumstances. The standards outlined in the following sections will ensure consistency for all virtual teammates.
  • UNC Health Downtime: In the event of a planned UNC Health downtime, leaders should coordinate with virtual teammates to adjust work schedules to minimize the impact to productivity as much as possible. When an unplanned UNC Health downtime or system failure occurs, virtual, non-exempt teammates will be given the option of either taking Non-Paid Time, using Paid Time Off, or adjusting their work schedule (if possible).
  • Personal Internet Downtime: Should a disruption in personal internet service occur, the teammate should contact their manager immediately and make arrangements to either take Paid Time Off, work at an on-site location until the problem is resolved, or adjust their work schedule (if possible).
  • Self Help Recommendations
    • Reboot your systems, computer and home router/modem.
    • If using Wi-Fi, move your laptop closer to your router.
    • Prioritize your work traffic. Consider stopping any streaming applications including video and music service during slow internet service periods.
    • Verify you are logged into VPN or MyApps.
    • Contact your home ISP to verify and troubleshoot your internet connection.
    • Contact the service desk to verify patches and PC settings (local FW settings, etc.)

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