• Reserving a Work Space

When you are coming on site to a shared UNC Health space, you may need to reserve a work station/desk or a conference room. A new online work space reservation tool is available via MySupport@UNC for teammates to reserve a work space in their location when they will be working onsite. Type “Workspace” in the search box, click this direct link to reserve, or ask Ava the virtual chatbot. Teammates will only see spaces available in their department location. Conference rooms can still be requested for meetings via Outlook. Additional details can be found in this guide. Please note: The reservation tool is only accessible to departments that are currently returning or have returned to a physical work space and will only allow teammates to reserve space in their department’s location.


  • Pilot Remote or Hybrid Options

Many departments quickly dispersed teammates to remote work situations due to the urgency of the pandemic. As our new normal settles into place, managers and teammates should revaluate and test options for continued work department success and satisfaction. While trying out options that are remote, hybrid or onsite, managers must regularly review the arrangement to determine what works best and/or what needs improvement.

  • Agree to Test the Options

Try out remote versus hybrid options to discover which work best for your team and for department productivity. While some teammates have been working remotely over the past year, you cannot assume they find it satisfying. Check in with them. Ask questions. Make sure they are well setup for successful remote work productivity. Verify their productivity while working remote to see how it compares to previous onsite work. Has their success gone up or down? Use these metrics to approach teammates with options to test remote, hybrid or onsite work options.

Agree upfront with teammates to pilot the options agreed upon. Consider implementing a 90-day window and be sure to check in multiple times to discuss strategies for success. If the option does not meet department needs, move to a different option to assist the teammate in successfully completing their work.

When implementing pilot or hybrid options, complete the UNC Telework Agreement to formalize and clarify working arrangements. Once the telework agreement is completed by your direct report(s), please make sure to update their work location in iNFOR/GHR. This needs to be completed for both Hybrid and Virtual teammates. Adjust and refine the agreement as needed to achieve success.

  • Virtual Work Agreement

Managers must complete this work agreement for their direct reports who are hybrid or full time virtual.

  • Dedicated vs Shared Workspace

As departments begin to assess long-term remote and hybrid working arrangements, many are considering how to approach workspace needs for those who are on-site regularly for a portion of the workweek.

There are three Work Approaches (On-Site, Hybrid, Virtual) which a teammate and his/her manager may select as appropriate. These may change for a teammate over time as business and/or personal needs change. The intent is not to provide teammates with two fully equipped workspaces (remote and on-site).

If a teammate works on-site 4-5 days per week, they are considered “On-Site”

If a teammate works on-site 2-3 days per week, they are considered “Hybrid”

If a teammate works on-site 0-1 days per week, they are considered “Virtual”

Based on the number of employees in each of these Work Approach models, departments are allocated a specific number of offices and workstations. Private offices will be assigned for VP-level and above and Director-level teammates who are considered On-Site. Hybrid directors will likely be asked to share an office with another Hybrid director in the same department. On-site teammates will be assigned a workstation, and hybrid teammates will have access to a shared workstation within the footprint of their department. Assignments and reservations will be managed by each department based on the needs of that department.

Private Office: assigned to on-site directors and VP-level or above

Shared Office: for use by hybrid directors; space assignments managed by each department

Assigned Workstation: assigned to on-site teammates

Shared Workstation: for use by hybrid and virtual teammates; space assignments and reservation systems managed by each department

In addition to private offices, shared offices, assigned workstations and shared workstations, there are new space types which will be provided across campus:

Hoteling workstations will be available for teammates to reserve via an online reservation system. These workstations will have various technology set-ups which can be viewed when making a reservation online.

Phone Rooms are available for reservation as well and are intended for private phone calls, virtual meetings or 1:1 conversations.

Huddle Rooms are intended for small group meetings, and not individual use.

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