ONE UNC Health Working Forward – FAQs

Transitioning to Shared Spaces

Will our mailing address change?

Addresses will be updated for departments moving to a new floor or to a new building and are assigned by Real Estate & Development (RE&D). It will be the responsibility of each department to update the new mailbox information with USPS directly.

How will badge access be updated?

All leaders have been asked to submit a Move Plan spreadsheet. This provides Real Estate with the information needed to work with Security/Badge Access to make updates.

Badge Access will be limited to assigned floors, however temporary access can be granted as needed by emailing

Teammates who are working virtually will be granted access for their department’s floor.

If your team requires access to multiple areas, be sure to note that on the Move Plan Spreadsheet.

How will conference rooms be reserved?

Shared conference rooms will continue to be reserved through Outlook. The conference room names will not change.

How will assigned phone numbers work?

Phone numbers will continue to work and will be assigned to new teammates.

Phones at shared desks will be reset to generic numbers, and will remain for emergencies or temporary logins.

Hybrid/Virtual employees will use Jabber/Teams/Webex soft telephony options the same way they do from home when on-site, or forward to their cell phones if desired. Learn more.

Will workspace reservations be restricted to my department?

Yes, departmental admins will be able to manage shared desks and restrict access to only your department, or groups of users.

As a user reserving a workstation, you will only see workspaces to reserve based on group membership.

Can ergonomic needs be accommodated in space configuration?

Ergonomic needs will be accommodated for those who request and are approved through same process used today. If those accommodations are needed in a shared area, they can be reserved from the workplace reservation tool in appropriate ratios.

How do I reserve a workspace?

A new online reservation tool will be available in the coming weeks for teammates to utilize when reserving a workspace in their location. More information about this new tool will be communicated in the near future.

Are there instructions/protocols for keeping shared workstations clean and safe for use by multiple teammates?

Cleaning supplies will be available and accessible in all shared spaces. Use the “gym model”- wipe everything down before you leave. If you would like, you can also wipe everything down when you arrive.

There will also be standard cleanings in the evenings. The cleaning service will not wipe down phones or monitors. 

Is there a cafeteria at the shared space in Morrisville?

The cafeteria in 1025 Think Place will re-open in the spring.

How does mileage calculation work for Hybrid/Virtual teammates?

Hybrid and Virtual teammates will still have an "office" location for use in mileage calculation based on the closest local place you would work. Mileage calculations would be used the same way they do today, subtracting that distance from any reimbursement request.

Office Equipment/Supplies

What do we do with “extra” or “unneeded” IT equipment, or how do we get additional equipment? 

Please utilize the Computer Removal Request for one-off equipment returns, but any equipment left behind in vacated spaces or shared desks will also be reclaimed in bulk. Additional computer accessories can be requested here.

What should we do with office supplies that we no longer need?

If the supplies are in good condition, put them in the seating area of the cafeteria on the first floor of 1025 Think Place. Departments will be able to “shop” anything in the area. Supplies left after January 17 will be donated.

Where do we dispose of other items?

Office supplies, books, binders, etc. that you do not wish to keep should be disposed of in the large bins provided on each floor. Please do not leave unwanted items or trash in offices or at workstations.

Will computers and phones be moving with on-site employees?

Yes, any equipment on-site employees are relocating should be labeled and movers will relocate the equipment to the new location. EUS will be reconnecting computers and phones that were moved, as well as configuring shared workspaces as defined in inventory spreadsheets provided by departments.

Do we move our chairs?

No, do not move chairs unless they are assigned to a specific employee due to an ergonomics assessment. All chairs will remain in their current location within the buildings. If you are moving an ergonomic chair, label it and add it to the Move Plan spreadsheet.

Will printers be available for use?

Printers will be available for shared use within each department. If a teammate is using a shared workspace and does not have the appropriate printer installed on their workstation, they may submit a self-service request that will automatically add the printer to the workstation.

Will there be discounts or reimbursements offered for home office equipment?

Not at this time.

What if I need different equipment?

If you received a desktop instead of a laptop due to short supply, make an appointment with the PC Café to swap out your device. Monitors, headsets, and external webcams can be requested based on business needs.

How do new hires receive their equipment?

Managers will request computer equipment for new teammates from the MySupport@UNC Portal as part of the onboarding process. Computers and requested accessories will available to pick up from the PC Café on the teammate’s first day, or can be mailed to their home (if specified by your manager).

General Questions

Where can I find the Department of Labor (DOL) Compliance and Labor Law Posters?

The DOL requires employers to post compliance and labor law posters in public areas. With the increase in hybrid and remote teammates, these posters are now accessible online to view and/or print. The posters are available in English and Spanish and can be accessed in one of the following locations: