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Virtual Applications

  • MyApps/Citrix: From MyApps you can launch Citrix based applications. These run from the UNC Health network, rather than on your local computer. How to instructions here.
  • Duo MFA: Duo is UNC Health's Multi-factor authentication service, much like when your bank texts you when you log in. We subscribe to a service called Duo that pairs with your phone and allows us to send you a secure message when you log in to confirm it is you. Note: This does not give UNC Health any access to your phone or files.

Virtual Desktop

  • MyDesktop@UNC Recommendations: From MyApps you can launch Citrix based applications. One of these includes a full featured Desktop, that runs from inside the UNC network. Consider using this from any home workstation for a seamless experience as if you were in the workplace. How to instructions here
  • Single Workstation Recommendation: ISD provides every remote worker with a single workstation which travels with you. Using remote desktop to connect to a machine in the office should not be necessary, as MyDesktop@UNC and VPN services should allow you to connect to everything you need. Desks are available with full workstations if you forgot your laptop when you come on site.

Shared Drives/VPN

  • VPN: You can access your U:\ and departmental shares from home by using UNCH's VPN (AnyConnect). This does require setup by ISD to install and configure the software. You will need to make an appointment with the PC Café at the Morrisville or Timberlyne location, or open a software request for AnyConnect.
  • How to Access U:\ and Department Shares with VPN: If you have AnyConnect installed, open the program and click the "Connect" button. This will require Duo confirmation. Once connected, your shares should be available in File Explorer or your Office Software.
  • Best Practices for File Management: The safest place for documents is on the UNCH network. This includes your U:\ departmental shares, Sharepoint, and eventually OneDrive. Please avoid saving documents to your computer (C:\), and never upload work files to public cloud sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.


  • Best Practices for Scanning without a Scanner: Scanning documents with a scanner is rarely needed, and UNCH accepts photos of receipts or signed documents for most functions. Simply take a picture with your phone and email the photo to your work email.
  • Adobe Cloud for e-Signing: Adobe Reader can be used to document your personal signature, but should you need to collect legal signatures for contracts or agreements, UNC Health has a subscription to Adobe Sign. Navigate to this portal to sign in with your UNCH login and create a collect signatures on your documents. How to instructions here.
  • Adobe Acrobat for Creating E-Forms: If your primary role involves editing, combining, or securing PDF's, you many need a license for Adobe Acrobat Standard, and if you are the creator of widely used fillable PDF's you many need Adobe Acrobat Pro. Either of these can be requested from the MySupport@UNC Catalog under software.

Video Conferencing/ Whiteboarding

  • WebEx: User will use the latest version of WebEx (14.7), this version will support PC or mobile devices. VDI is also possible, but that will require updates to the current version on Citrix to a specific VDI version to allow high performance collaboration. The VDI version also requires additional software to be placed on the local machine to support high quality audio. Our recommendation is to use the WebEx application locally on their machine or mobile device. How to instructions here.
  • Whiteboarding: During a Webex meeting, you can create a whiteboard to allow for group collaboration.Click the "Share" button and navigate to the Whiteboard Tab.Team members can add shapes, callouts, and text, and the finished Whiteboard can be saved to your personal drive. How to instructions here.
  • Tip Sheet: How to Set Up Your Virtual Meeting, Presentation or Interview

Technical Support

  • Initial Expectations to Transition Equipment to New Model: As the COVID pandemic was in full swing during 2020, many users transitioned to a remote work environment. As a part of that transition large volumes of equipment were quickly prepped and assigned to teammates for usage. As users prepare to come back on site OR work remotely on a permanent basis we will require that all remote workers (present and past) schedule a virtual appointment with ISD for a workstation health checkup. ISD will ensure your equipment meets the current minimum standards and has all the standard UNCH applications installed.
  • IT Remote Support Model: ISD provides support to remote teammates in many ways. This includes 24x7 phone support, Virtual/Live Chat, Bomgar remote control, and drop in or appointment support in our PC Café’s. Equipment by mail is also possible, albeit not a very fast option.

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